Tax Organizers Have Arrived!

Rebecca R Schmidt, CPA

January 30, 2015

2014 Tax Organizers are now available in your NetClient portal. We have done a serious redesign of the organizer per client requests after last year’s initial launch of our NetClient portal. You can now complete the Tax Organizer 100% online without printing anything. You will still need to sign your Engagement Letter, but a digital signature is acceptable.

Remember that the Questionnaire section is the most important piece of the Tax Organizer. Every client MUST answer all of the questions each year. The rest of the organizer is there to remind you of the tax forms and info you supplied to us the previous year so you know what to gather and submit to us this year. You are not required to fill out anything else in the organizer unless we specifically request that you do so (like if you have a rental property or a small business).

Your Tax Organizer is totally interactive and web based. Here are some of the enhancements we are most excited about:
- You can upload all of your tax documents like W2s and 1099s to dagi as part of your Tax Organizer submission (just like giving it all to us in paper form)
- You can answer all of the questionnaire pages on screen
- You can enter your charitable donations total or full details on screen and avoid having to send us the actual receipts
- If you have a rental property or a small business you can enter the detailed information on screen and not worry about sending us the physical receipts
- You do not have to complete the organizer all in one sitting. You can save your progress and start working on it again another time

Please remember to only send us the organizer one time (via the “Send to Preparer” button). After you send us the organizer you will not be able to submit the organizer to us again. You can continue to upload tax documents to us through your File Exchange folder in your portal after your initial submission.

If you are more traditional and like to have the paper copy you can create a PDF of your organizer from your portal and fill it out by hand and snail mail it to us or drop it by the office.

Thank you for choosing dagi for all of your tax and accounting needs!

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