Electronic Tax Payment Requirement

July 19, 2017

You may have received notification from Virginia informing you of the new electronic tax payment requirement. Effective for taxable years beginning on or after January 1st, 2017, electronic tax payments are required if you meet the one following thresholds:

  • Any installment payment of estimated taxes exceeds $15,000 or
  • Any payment made for an extension of time to file exceeds $15,000 or
  • The total estimated income tax due in any taxable year exceeds $60,000

Per the 2017 Virginia State Budget Bill, any future income tax payments must be made electronically if you meet any of these thresholds.  This includes all estimated tax payments, any extension payments and amounts due when you file your Virginia tax return. 

You will need to login to your individual online services account in order to submit an electronic payment. If you aren’t sure if you have an account setup yet you can easily enroll here or contact Karen Haas at our office for assistance.  You will be required to verify data from your most recently filed Virginia tax return to enroll. From there, you can choose which account to use for payment, and receive an immediate payment confirmation and printable receipt.

If you need any assistance with making your Virginia electronic tax payment, contact one of the tax professionals at our office.

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