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Planning is the key to the success of any endeavor. Whether you are just starting your business or branching your business into new areas, we can help you identify the most effective and legally compliant taxation strategies. Thinking about your taxes all year long also helps strengthen many other facets of your business and personal finances.

Our team has significant experience in all areas of tax planning and preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships and trusts. Our goal is to minimize your current tax exposure while maximizing any available tax savings, providing you with recommended strategies that can be implemented for your future benefit.

Let Us Help You With:

  • Federal, state and local income taxes for individuals, corporations and partnerships
  • Planning for estates, trusts and retirement
  • Payroll information reporting and returns

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IRS Backlog

Rebecca R Schmidt, CPA

On July 1, 2021 Erin Collins from the Taxpayer Advocate's office released her annual IRS report. Here are the highlights that we feel are important for taxpayers to know:



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